About us

My name is Dylan Darmanin , I am an Automotive photographer from a small island named Malta .

I always had a passion for cars and all sorts of Motorsport , especially drag racing .my dad used to take me to the races every Sunday morning and every  quarter mile event , I soon got hooked . At the age of eighteen I got my license but few months before I already had bought a car .

I always took my camera with me to every event I went , car-shows the drag strip and all the other Motorsport activity we went  , Beside me all my friends where piston heads aswell , everyone got his own car and building it up …….AAA THE GOOD OLD DAYS . I never shared my photos online, always kept them on a file on my computer at home no body saw them . When we went to car shows I still remember waiting days after to see others people photos of our cars and ordering prints so we could hang on our bedroom wall.

FAST forward a few years , joined the army but still had the same passion for Motorsport and cars . I bought a DSLR camera at the begging of 2018 , got the hang of it after a few days and started photographing landscapes around the island . At the end of the year , mm I think it was November ! at the marina were two very big and beautiful yachts . Took some snaps and edited them on my laptop . Went to work next day and I was going trough the photos  when my friend noticed them and started admiring and asking questions about all the beautiful images I had captured .

They were so amazed and shocked at the same time by the talent I had been hiding all this time . They eventually persuaded me to start sharing my work on facebook . At first I didn’t believe that the photos would get any response maybe just some family members would like them for support and that’s it but to my amaze they went viral and everyone was sharing my photos that they even ended up on Malta’s weather page and website . I started shooting landscapes more often and always progressing in my images better quality better content .

After a month since I started my page on facebook and friend of mine gives me the idea to start photographing cars and Motorsports . I liked the idea and proceeded to arrange a shoot for his car a Toyota starlet GT mint condition . The photo-shoot came out good but not really how I wanted but it still got a lot of attention from the public . I did a couple of other friends cars .

A friend of mine once introduced me to this guy who owned a Red Porsche , beautiful car and an eyecather . Contacted him and he agreed to a photo-shoot . We did some rolling shoots , woods shoot and a sunset shoot which all the images came out beautiful . After that it literally snowballed to the point where everyone knew who I was and was getting contacted by a lot of people to photo shoot there cars and bikes .

Talk about zero to hero …. hehe

After 6 months since the page have been up we have almost reached 4k likes and followers so that’s saying something and for a small island we live on its very good .

I have met a lot of different kinds of people a few stand out more then others and I am truly great full for the opportunities they have given me , motivation and support they have given me . I have found a lot of support from friends and family that keep pushing me to get better and aim higher .